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I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (License # 98482) in Sacramento, CA.  I embarked on the journey of opening Heal Boldly to destigmatizing mental health and promoting the importance of prioritizing self-care.

Nurturing of self is such an essential key to our overall well-being. There are many factors that may distract us from acknowledging and tending to our personal wants and needs. These distractions include unhealthy relationship dynamics, skewed self-image, environmental/social toxins, and mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, etc.

It is my belief that we hold all the resources we need for growth, transformation, and development to overcome the distractions and prioritize self. My approach is to meet you where you are and highlight the strengths that have been birthed through your adversity as well as equip you with tools to better cope with life’s challenges.

Therapy is not about “fixing” who you are but assisting you in aligning with the best version of yourself!

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Heal Boldly's mission is to cultivate a perspective shift regarding prioritizing emotional, psychological, and social well being to improve the quality of life for culturally diverse communities. The goal is to provide mental health services that are culturally competent and trauma informed.

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ASSERTIVE AUTHENTICITY- Confidently modeling and teaching healthy mental health practices  aligned with cultural identity.

CALMING COMPASSION- Being warm, understanding, and genuine while joining in others adversity to motivate healing and growth in a safe space.

INTENTFUL IMPACT- Attentively assessing the needs of diverse communities and delivering services in the most influential way.

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